At this time, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure method (CPAP) remains the most effective treatment against Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS), especially in the most severe cases. Despite this efficiency, many patients complain about stresses such as the discomfort of wearing a mask, machine noise, bulky equipment, or the need for a power source. For these reasons, about half of the patients discontinue this mode of treatment within a year.

Nastent™ is an innovative solution that keeps the passage of air in the upper respiratory tract. It is highly recommended for people who have stopped CPAP treatment or are looking for an alternative .

Its lightness and ease of use make Nastent™ a practical solution that does not require electrical power, and is therefore easily transportable. Hence it can be used in various situations in which the CPAP would not be possible, such as a business trip or during travel.
  Nastent™ OAM* PPC**
  nastent™ PPC OAM
Treatment capacity

Snoring, mild to moderate OSA

Snoring, mild to moderate OSA 

Snoring, moderate to severe OSA

Does not require power supply
Quiet and discreet (almost invisible)
Allows to drink or talk while in place
Immediately usable - doesn't necessary require professional intervention
Does not require regular maintenance
Facilitates marital life
Does not require custom manufacturing

* : Mandibular Advanced Orthosis

** : Continuous Positive Pressure