About Nastent™

Can I keep wearing Nastent™ while awake ?

In principle, there is no problem. You can drink while continuing to wear it. However, please avoid using it for more than 10 hours. Nastent™ is a device that keeps the airways open during your sleep to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. Therefore its use is expected when the patient is asleep. It is therefore preferable that it is put in before bed.

Does Nastent™ hurt to insert?

In order to ensure the greatest possible comfort while maximizing the effect, the tube is made from silicone which is as soft as your skin. In addition, a lubrication gel is applied to the surface to further mitigate discomfort. For each person, the sensation of insertion varies, but our clients report that once they are used to wearing the device, they can hardly notice it is there and find it very comfortable.

How should I care for Nastent™?

It is effective mainly when the obstruction concerns the upper respiratory tract, when the obstruction is due to a relaxation of the tongue it will be less effective. It is preferred in the treatment of mild to moderate apneas.

Should I worry about swallowing Nastent™ by accident ?

A nose clipper (part attached to the bridge of the nose) is used to keep Nastent™ from entering the back of the throat or nasal cavity while being used. This nose clipper, while fitted for comfort, is designed to be bigger than normal nostrils, which makes it highly unlikely for the device to be swallowed.

Has Continuous Positive Pressure Therapy (CPAP) become unnecessary?

As a method of treatment against airway obstruction, the CPAP machine and Nastent™ have different characteristics, but they can be complementary. You should never stop regular PPC treatment without first consulting your doctor.

Does Nastent™ require special precautions?

Avoid using on damaged or irritated mucous membranes and make sure to use each day a new Nastent™ immediately after opening the package.

What are the characteristics of Nastent™?

Nastent™ is a self insertion single use medical device. It is sterilized and individually packaged. It is also very compact in size and virtually unnoticeable when attached so, it is recommended for people requiring discretion and for people who are on business trips and vacations.

Do I need to have my nose examined prior to purchase, or have a periodic examination?

No nasal examination is necessary. When you purchase Nastent™ for the first time, the starter pack contains six progressive lengths for you to try, in order to determine the optimum length of the Nastent™ for your body. You can ask your doctor for advice on this if you wish. However, we recommend that you follow up regularly with your doctor to verify that the treatment with Nastent™ is effective for you.

Is Nastent™ covered by health insurance?

Please contact your medical provider to determine cover.

Are there restrictions for bringing Nastent™ onto an aircraft?

There are restrictions on quantity and content as carry-on luggage. For more information, please contact the relevant airline.

Can I take Nastent™ abroad ?

Nastent™ is a medical device that can be transported easily abroad. Some rare countries may have specific regulations for medical devices. Their embassy will provide you with the necessary information.

I’m going to move to a foreign country. How many boxes of Nastent™ can I bring there with me?

Nastent™ is a medical devise. Restrictions vary depending on the shipping destination. Please contact the embassy of the country where Nastent™ will be shipped.

Can Nastent™ be used after storage in high-temperature locations?

To prevent deterioration, store Nastent™ at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use Nastent™ if it has been stored in a high-temperature location. For proper function of the product and safety it is recommend using Nastent™ stored in proper conditions.

Can Nastent™ be used after it has been frozen?

The main ingredient of the lubricated gel is water, so it may become frozen when stored at low temperatures (below freezing). To be safe, please do not use Nastent™ that has been frozen, even if it has (naturally) thawed and there are no visible problems.

How do I store unused Nastent™?

Please keep Nastent™ at room temperature, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the box as it may be damaged.

About the product

What should I do if I can’t distinguish between left and right tubes?

This number is the product reference. Each Nastent™ has a different reference depending on its length and model (left or right nostril and length). Be sure to order the reference that corresponds to your morphology.

What does the number printed on the box mean? For example "No. 18".

This number is the product reference. Each Nastent™ has a different reference depending on its length and model (left or right nostril and length). Be sure to order the reference that corresponds to your morphology.

I can not identify the correct position of the Nastent™. How to do?

Hold the Nastent™ through the part with the nasal clip with the end pointing towards you and so that the tube forms a curve downwards. If the nasal clip is on the left side of the tube, it is for the right nostril. If it is right, it is for the left nostril. The position is also indicated on the Nastent™, left and right box.

We can see the logo "Seven Dreamers" on the Nastent™, can it damage the mucous membrane?

Our logo "Seven Dreamers" is engraved inside the tube. Therefore, it does not affect the effectiveness of Nastent™ and is not in direct contact with the mucosa.

Where is Nastent™ manufactured?

Nastent™ is designed in Japan and manufactured to the highest standards of hygiene and safety in our partner factory in China.

Selective sorting: where to throw my Nastent™?

The box and the individual bag can be disposed of in the waste basket and the Nastent™ can be disposed of in the waste basket for packaging and plastics.

Can a custom made Nastent™ be ordered?

We do not take orders for tailor-made models, but we offer eight different sizes that fit all morphologies.

Where is the lot number printed?

The lot number is printed for your safety for traceability purposes. You will find it on the box and on the individual bag.

Concerning the preparation

What does "disposable" mean?

This means that Nastent™ is disposable and should be discarded after each use. Please use it immediately after opening the package and do not leave it in the open air for too long.

Can I use Nastent™ for a nap?

Of course. You can use Nastent™ when you sleep at any occasion.

Can I use Nastent™ at the same time as a Continuous Positive Pressure (CPAP) machine even if I am an occasional user ?

Yes, you can use Nastent™ at the same time as a CPAP machine.

I have an allergy. Can I still use Nastent™?

Some people with allergies can not use Nastent™. For further information, please ask your doctor.

I have a sore throat or a nose. Can I still use Nastent™?

If you have a nose or throat disorder, please consult your doctor first.

Can children use Nastent™?

Nastent™ is intended for use by people 18 years of age or older, therefore children can not use it.

Can I give my Nastent™ to a friend or family member who has never used it?

Your Nastent™ is prescribed for you. The size is adapted to each patient. It will therefore be less effective or even not suitable if used by another person. Also, never use a used Nastent™ as there is a risk that you may be contaminated with a virus or bacterium.

Is it necessary to wash the Nastent™ after removing it from its aluminum packaging ?

The Nastent™ should not be washed because it is sterilized and lubricated for painless insertion and optimum use.

For how long can I keep a Nastent™ inserted?

You can continue to wear the Nastent™ for up to 10 hours per day (or night).

Can I eat after inserting the Nastent™?

We recommend that you avoid eating after inserting the Nastent™ as food residue can stick to it, decreasing its effectiveness. On the other hand, drinks such as water or tea can be ingested without any problems, so you can drink normally after the Nastent™ is put in place.

In case of any issues

I have a pain when installing the Nastent™. Is this normal?

A simple minor discomfort is normal, though most people get used to the feeling of insertions quickly. On the other hand, in case of pain, you may have a wound or inflammation in the intranasal mucosa. If this is the case, do not use Nastent™ and consult your doctor.

The lubricating gel irritates me. Is this normal?

A simple discomfort is normal. On the other hand, in case of pain, you may have a wound or inflammation in the intranasal mucosa. Do not use Nastent™ and consult your doctor.

What should I do if I have trouble removing the Nastent™?

Please pull slowly and gently without forcing. But if you experience severe pain or discomfort, do not force and consult your doctor.

The Nastent™ is twisted in the package. Can I use it?

Nastent™ is designed not to twist in packaging, it should normally return to its original shape after it has been removed from the package. However, if this is not the case or if you notice any abnormalities or the Nastent™ is damaged, do not use it and contact your supplier.

How should I open the package?

Open the package in the order listed in the information leaflet. This is to ensure that you will not end up with lubricating gel on your hands.

What if I find a Nastent™ damaged or torn?

Do not use it as this may cause unwanted effects. Please contact your supplier.

What should you do if a child swallows a Nastent™ by accident ?

Please contact your doctor immediately.