Made from a flexible, soft-as-skin silicone tube, it is made with a natural curve, making it comfortable to wear. Designed to be discreet, it took 7 years of research to create Nastent™ which now opens the way to an innovative treatment of snoring and sleep apnea syndrome.

The Nastent™ is an innovative, discrete, and easy to insert device that effectively treats snoring and sleep apnea syndrome. 

Nastent™ is a nasal stent that fits through the nose, and the tip reaches the soft palate. It helps to maintain a regular breathing and prevents the obstruction to the airways that cause frequent awakening, sleep apnea and snoring, giving you back a restful night's sleep.

For more comfort and efficacy, Nastent™ is available in eight lengths for the right nostril or left nostril.

For optimal function, the tip of the Nastent™ device must reach the soft palate, close to the uvula. To minimize discomfort, we designed eight Nastent™ of different lengths for left nostril and eight others for right nostril. The longer you tolerate a long Nastent™, without generating a nauseated reflex, the more effective it will be.

nastent la solution contre le ronflement

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